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One of the most extraordinary places and known worldwide to have greater biological  diversity worldwide and recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site and biosphere reserve.

 Their diversity is due to its strategic location extending from the Andes to the Amazon. This altitude range results in a variety of habitats such as: Puna, cloud forests, forests of Amazonian Plains, rivers and lakes. In its pristine forests you will find huge trees exceeding 40 meters in height and among the most outstanding animals you can see at Jaguar, otters, spider monkey, cock of the rock, black Caiman, Harpy Eagle and seven species of macaws; In addition to beautiful butterflies, colorful frogs, amazing insects and much more.

 It is one of the few areas in the world which still houses groups of people living in an ancient way in harmony with its surroundings.

Discover extreme biodiversity


It encompasses a latitudinal range ranging from the 4,300 meters above sea level of the puna high to the 200 meters of the Amazonian plain andina. On average, the areas covered by the visits are to 183 meters above sea level


A hard road part from Cusco and leads to the towns of Shintuya and Atalaya (9 and 12 hours respectively), points where you can start the journey by river (5-6 hours). There are also flights of aircraft between Cusco and the locality of Boca Manu (30 minutes), from which it is necessary to continue by river (4-6 hours). You have to hire the services of the agencies authorized to do so.

It is in the city of Lima, air, or from the city of Puerto Maldonado you can reach the reserve by land or river.


Rainy season from December to March, though downpours are rare outside of it. The months of May to August, with temperatures above 30° c, they are the most recommendable for your visit. The normal climate of this area is from 26 ° c to 32 ° c, but on rainy days is 13 to 18° c.